Beef Cutlet



Minced Beef – 1 kg

Potatoes – 4

Onions – 3 big chopped

Ginger – 2′” piece minced

Green chillies – 4 minced

Pepper powder – 3/4 tsp

Garam masala – 2 tsp

Salt – to taste

Oil – 1 tbsp

Eggs – 2 beaten

Bread crumbs – as required

Oil – for frying



Boil the potatoes and mash them well.  Cook the minced beef with enough water and salt.  Evapourate excess water and allow it to cool.  Heat oil in a non-stick pan and saute onions, ginger and green chillies till the onions are light brown.  Add pepper powder and garam masala and fry for a minute.  Take the cooked mince in a vessel and break the lumps, if any.  Add the mashed potatoes and mix well.  Now add the sauted onion mixture and mix well.  Add more salt if needed.  Shape it into oval shaped cutlets.  Take a cutlet, dip it in beaten egg and coat with bread crumbs.  Repeat the process with the rest of the cutlets.  You can freeze the beef cutlets at this stage.  Deep fry the cutlets on a medium flame and serve hot with tomato sauce.  Enjoy yummy beef cutlets with your kids!

  1. Lip smacking cutlets, looks beautiful!

  2. I love love cutlets. Last time i made them were when my sister was here. Well she made. She makes it so fast, i think i take triple the time she takes to make.
    These ones look so good.

  3. Kandittu kothiyaye…Although I don’t take beef this looks very inviting…good click too :-)Will try this recipe with chicken.

  4. Thank you Priya!

  5. Happy, why don’t you make the cutlets yourself? it is not at all difficult…Shyama will love it… 🙂 Thanks!

  6. Sangeetha, try the recipe with chicken…you are going to love it… 😀 Thank you dear!

  7. Same recipe njanum cheyyunnathu…luks perfect

  8. Oh my, beautiful and evenly fried cutlets. I don’t eat beef so, wouldn’t mind using the same recipe with chicken. What say?:D
    What is with the freezing part after coating?Why so?

  9. OMG!!!!! ugran dea..!!! vayyil koodi kappalodikkam..
    Next time vacation nu varumbo enikku Oru divasam Lunch venam….

  10. OMG this looks delicious. It reminds me of a similar recipe I make only I stuff the mashed potatoes with the mince and then fry them.

  11. Thank you Sangi!

  12. Hb, you can use the same recipe with chicken. If you do not wish to fry the whole lot at once, you can store the cutlets in the freezer. Take out and thaw for a few minutes before frying. Thanks a lot dear! 🙂

  13. You are always welcome, Sarah…nalla cutlets undaki tharam ketto.. 😀 Thank you dear!

  14. Your recipe sounds great, Ivy…plz try mine next time.. Thanks!

  15. Hi Lissie,

    Can I try the same with mutton? Do I need to keep anything in mind say add/reduce anything when using the same steps to prepare mutton cutlet?

    Please confirm.


  16. Hi Priya,

    You can use the same recipe for making mutton or chicken cutlets. Only difference is mutton/ chicken keema will cook faster than beef keema. Use the same measurements, the taste will defer according to the meat used. Please see that you make firm cutlets while shaping and deep fry them on medium flame, otherwise they will break while frying.


  17. Hi Chechy, grt cutlets. Could u tell me how many cutlets can u make out of these measurements of ingredients . I have a potluck party coming up,? Thks.:)

  18. Hi Abinsha,

    Welcome to my blog! You should get around 30 cutlets with the above mentioned measurements. Use 4 big potatoes.
    Thumbs up for your potluck party!

    Happy cooking.