Beef Pepper Fry

This recipe is my version of my mom’s special Beef Pepper Fry. It is my son’s favourite dish. This dish has three types of sauces in it which makes it a rare delicacy. You can also try the original recipe without the sauces.

Beef -1 kg
Ginger-garlic paste -2 tbsp
Pepper powder -21\2 tsp
Turmeric powder -1\4 tsp
Garam masala -1 tsp
Tomato sauce -3 tbsp
Soya sauce -2 tbsp
Worcestershire sauce -1 tbsp
Salt -as required
Oil -2 tbsp
Onions (medium) -3 sliced
Potatoes -3 sliced
Oil -for frying


Cut the beef into small cubes. Marinate it with ginger-garlic paste, pepper powder, turmeric powder, garam masala, sauces and salt for half an hour. Add less salt, because the sauces already contain salt. Transfer it to a pressure cooker and cook till done. It might take10 to 25 minutes depending on the beef you are using. Meanwhile, smear the potatoe slices with 1\4 tsp of turmeric powder and a pinch of salt. Keep aside for about 10 minutes and fry them in oil till they become crisp. Remove the potatoes from oil. Now fry the onions in the same oil till they turn golden brown. Keep aside. Open the lid of the cooker and evaporate excess water. Heat 2 tbp oil in a non stick pan and add the cooked meat. Fry till they turn dark brown. Put off the fire and add the fried potatoes and onions. Mix well and serve hot with rice, rotis, bread or parathas.

  1. Delicious!! Beef and pepper is a great combo Lissie.

  2. Would like to try this one day…my husband would love this 🙂 Thanks!


  3. Sooo good lissie, have drafted one , but not potatoes..

  4. you have a great array of traditional keralite recips here, lissie. i’m adding you to our blogroll.

  5. lissie,
    Though i don’t eat beef, the pic looks great.

  6. Ente lissie mole…njan flat ayi!..
    You just sent me back to my school and college days where my christian friends share this Yummmmy Beef ULARTHYATHU with coconut bits init.I love this dish and they get even more for me.(my mom doesnt cook beef at home)and I always get the priority in friends group.
    Your version sounds very good..
    I have to try ur ethapazha pulisserri soon!..:)

  7. Hi, May i know where I can get the Worcestershire sauce . The regular stores like Monday to Sunday dont seem to stock it!!

    Do reply!!

  8. nithya, worcestershire sauce is available in all Nilgiris and Foodworld outlets. see the sauces section. thanks for visiting!

    bharathy, this is not the kerala beef fry you mentioned. the recipe is entirely different. thank you for your good comment!

    thanks asha, mishmash, seena, bee and prajusha for your kind words!

  9. Lissie you are making me Homesick.
    Even my mom makes these. And i used to love them.
    I never make them here at home. I guess maybe i think it woudn’t taste as good as my moms.
    And you know if i aske her the recipe she woudn’t know how to give the recipe with all her hand measurements.
    I think one day i am going to try your recipe. And hopefully my husband and daughter will love this dish as i love it.

  10. I know that dear…meant to say you made me think about all those days…seeing beef dry fry dish…:)

  11. Great recipe..Will try it out soon..

  12. Thank you from Netherlands 🙂
    I am going to buy a pressure cooker + beef.
    I think I have the remaining ingreds with me.

  13. Yes I made it!
    Pressure cooker was a bit expensive but your recipe made my day 🙂