Sweet Chakka Puzhukku/ Jack fruit with Coconut and Jaggery


I think most of you are familiar with the savoury “Chakka Puzhukku”.  But I have never come across any posts regarding the “Sweet Chakka Puzhukku” which was an usual evening snack in my house, during Jack fruit season.  I was a great fan of it and now my family enjoys it too!  It is a healthy and yummy snack for kids… a welcome change from the junk food they like to eat!


Semi-ripe Jack fruit – 2 cups shredded

Grated coconut – 1/2 cup

Jaggery – 2 tbsp

Salt – a little

Water – as required



Chop the Jack fruit into thin slices.  Transfer it to a vessel and add grated coconut, jaggery and salt.  Pour enough water to cover the mixture.  Cook covered till done.  Stir occasionally and see that it is not overcooked.  Serve warm or at room temperature.

If you are using canned raw Jack fruit, increase the amount of jaggery according to your taste.  You can use sugar or brown sugar instead of jaggery.

  1. Wow lovely puzhukku. I havent had this before! But from reading the recipe I believe this must have tasted heavenly!

  2. Of course it tasted heavenly, Pooja…try and see for yourself 🙂 Thanks!

  3. Really missed u dear!
    chakka vazhatty?
    Never tried before…will surely try

  4. Wow Lissie I love this, I can’t get jack fruit here but it sure does look really tasty and I can imagine how good it tastes with the coconut yum!

  5. Very nice dish. Chakka pazha dessert tempts me a lot.

  6. oooh! delicious! looks great!

  7. Even i am not familiar with this Lissie..looks interesting..thanks so much for the recipe

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  9. Sangi, Chakka varatti is Jack fruit jam and the recipe is different. this is a snack..you can also eat it as a dessert. Thanks dear!

  10. Jeena, you can make it with canned Jack fruit. Thanks a lot!

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