Muttakuzhalappam (Coconut Pancake)

Muttakuzhalappam or Coconut Pancake is a Kerala Christian delicay. It is an ancient traditional recipe. We all love to eat it at breakfast time. Kids will surely love to eat it as a snack!

What you need:

All purpose flour (maida) -2 cups
Eggs -2
Salt -to taste

For the filling:

Grated coconut -2 cups
Cardamom powder -1 tsp
Sugar -5 tbsp


Break the eggs into a bowl and beat them well. Add some water and mix well. Add the flour and salt and mix with an egg beater to form a smooth batter. The batter should be thinner than the dosa consistency. Add more water if needed. In another bowl, mix together grated coconut, sugar and cardamom powder. Keep aside. Heat a non stick frying pan and smear some oil on it. Pour a large spoonful of batter and tilt the pan to make a thin round pancake. Keep on mediun flame. Fry lightly on both sides. Transfer the pancake on to a plate. While you make the next one, place a tablespoon of the coconut filling on one end of the pancake and roll it. Transfer it to a serving dish. Repeat the process with the rest of the batter. You can make 12 pancakes out of it.

  1. We will do pancake similar to this but without egg….call it as coconut dosa..:))Looks nice lissie..!!

  2. Madakkusaaaaan …..woyaaawwwowww!!Love love love it!!!!an almost forgotten recipe…!!!!!

  3. Lovely recipe yummy they look fantastic. Great pictures. 🙂

  4. A sweet dosa stuffed with coconut! Yum! Yum!!:)

  5. The pancakes look awesome Lissie….YUM :-)))
    Wanna grab one and eat :-))

  6. wow!!! our kerala pancake…i had tasted once at my friends’s hse…looks delicious

  7. Muttakkuzhalappam used to be my favourite evening snack after school and my mother’s too, coz of the ease of cooking…and I still love this, but i guess, even among keralites, this is not all that popular, as once I made it for some friends here and they were having it the first time, and that surprised me as this was a regular at our home, as evening snack.

  8. Wow…raining pancakes in blogsphere. Looks fantastic. This is a new dish to me. Bookmarking it. Thanks for sharing this traditional delicacy.

  9. Lissie this pancake was a regular thing for us kids after school. My mom made this atleast once a week. Used to hogg few of them after school. She also make them with Jaggery.
    Now a days i make belgian pancakes with sugar, i will post it once.

  10. they look so soft and beautiful…Can it be made without eggs?

  11. I’ve tasted these at my neighbour’s house and love it. That aunty used to just fold it over instead of making it into a roll. Thanks for the recipe.

  12. This is far better than French crepes.

  13. Yummy. We have something quite similar to this in Malaysia.

  14. raks, i have never tasted coconut dosa. please post the recipe if you could…

    bharathy, never heard of madakkusan! please give me the recipe for it…

    thank you jeena, asha, sirisha and remya for those sweet words!

  15. madakkusan is what you have posted,exactly the same recipe..only the name is dif..In KTM side we call these madakku san..or a love letter!!

  16. I have already counted you in the chain :),,,


  18. wowwwwwww yummyyyy pankcakessss

  19. Hey reminds me of my days at home before marriage..was a regular at my place toddler isnt very fond of it though…but i loved it and still love it.

  20. I love coconut and am definitely going to try this!

  21. Shn, you are right. even mallus do not know about muttakuzhalappam!

    thank you kribha! try it and you will love it.. :))

    happy, like you this used to be our evening snack during school days! waiting for your belgian pancake recipe…

  22. ooh! this looks like a nice combo Lissie! coconut and pancakes:) i just had pancakes yesterday with bananas, wish I had seen this before!

  23. yum yum yum. I too love anything with coconut, I will be trying this asap. thank you for sharing.

  24. thanks a lot, bharathy! so madakkusan is muttakuzhalappam!!

    thank you rachel, cynthia, mansi and saju for visiting!

  25. welcome divya, laavanya, suganya, pushpa and sagari! thanks a lot!

  26. wow, that looks yummy!!

    Gonna try that one! 🙂

  27. Lissie, thats a wonderful recipe.

  28. Lovely pancakes Lissie!!
    I like the coconut filling too…

  29. Madakku-saan is what i used to call it during my childhood. Loved the taste! have to check with my mom if she used eggs in it….but this looks great!thanks for sharing..

  30. Hi Rose,

    Welcome to my blog! I heard that in and around Kottayam, this pancake is known as Madakku-saan. Are you from Kottayam? In Kochi it is known as Muttakuzhalappam.


  31. Hi Lissie,

    This is my first time in ur site. You have done a fabulous job indeed. I’m from Kottayam. We call this diah Madakku-saan and my Mom uses milk instead of water. Do try it that way i’m sure u will love it.