Ribbon Sandwich

I have been making this sandwich for years whenever there is a kids’ party at home. It is a healthy sandwich and is yummy too! Coriander leaves and mint leaves are used to make the green chutney which enhances the nutritive value of this sandwich.

This is my entry for this week’s Weekend Herb Blogging which is the brilliant idea of Kalyn. It is being hosted this week by Nami Nami.

What you need:

Bread -1 loaf

For the green chutney:

Grated coconut -1\4 cup
Coriander leaves -2 tbsp
Mint leaves -2 tbsp
Green chilli -1
Juice of half a lime
Salt -to taste
Cheddar cheese -1 cube

For the red chutney:

Tomato sauce -4 tbsp
Butter -2 tbsp
Pepper powder -1\4 tsp
Salt -to taste


Grind together all the ingredients for the green chutney to a fine paste except the cheese. Transfer it to a bowl and add grated cheese. (Add less salt for both the chutneys as the cheese and butter already contain salt.) Mix well and keep aside. In another bowl, mix together tomato sauce, butter, pepper and salt. Take a slice of bread and spread the green chutney on it. Place another slice of bread on top of it. Spread the red chutney . Place one more slice of bread on top. Press firmly and cut the edges. Cut it diagonally. Repeat the same with other slices. Serve immediately. If you need to make them before hand, keep them wrapped in a wet cloth. The chutneys can be refrigerated for 1 or 2 days.

  1. Wow great looking sandwitches.
    I eat them when i am in India. But never have tried at home.
    They look just delicious. Thankx for sharing.

  2. I love these…thanks for sharing

  3. wow! one of my most fav s/w, it is the best, isn’t it 🙂 lovely

  4. Looks almost like a tiered cake, good one Lissies!:))

  5. I love sandwiches..me too make one with green chutney..looks beautiful Lissie..

  6. Lissie!!
    love those colourful sandwiches!!! yummy yum!!

  7. Good looking sandwiches, love the colored layers… 🙂

  8. Colourful sandwich..feel like tasting one 🙂

  9. Such a neat idea! Thanks for submitting this healthy sandwich recipe idea to this week’s WHB, Lissie!

  10. This is somehthing that i make too..and let my toddler help me too..in doing so she defintely wants to eat the sandwhich

  11. sandwich looks beautiful and colorfull

  12. Aww. They are cute.

  13. Lissie….great looking sandwich dear………mmmmmmmmmmm 🙂

  14. i love sandwiches..these look good and will be fun to eat too

  15. It looks so colorful, and I love the sound of the coriander chutney!

  16. Lovely Lissie!!I too make an almost the same one with coriander chutney and carrot and butter cream..
    Nice presentation!!

  17. Cool and colorful dish. Could you share it with me please?

  18. colourful sandwiches. Look beautiful, great idea for finger food, if cut into bitesize pieces.

  19. Looks so great I loved first photo, it looks something like layered cake to me

  20. I love this colorful sandwich..i tatsed this one first time made by one of my cousins….really delicious…urs also lovely..

  21. Perfect looking sandwich….!!!
    Thanx lisse for sharing..))

  22. thank you happy, srivalli, richa and asha for your kind words!

    thanks a lot seena, padmaja, sig and pravs!

    welcome pille, rachel, sagari and suganya!

  23. bharathy, try this version too!

    thank you rajitha, kribha, padma, remya and raks for your good comments!

    saju, that would be a wonderful idea!

    welcome kalyn! thanks a lot!

  24. yummy…very colourful