French Toast

This bread toast was one of my favourites during childhood. My mother used to make it often. She used to call it Bombay Toast. It still is an all time favourite breakfast of my family! Hope your little ones will love it too.

What you need:

One loaf of bread
Milk: 1 1\2 cups
Eggs: 2
Sugar: 5 tbsp
Butter or Ghee


Beat the eggs in a large pan. Add the milk and sugar and stir continuously till the sugar is fully dissolved. Heat a frying pan, smear 1\2 tsp butter or ghee on it. Dip each slice of bread in the milk mixture and keep on the pan, two pieces at a time. Fry lightly on medium flame. When one side is done, turn over and fry the other side. Repeat till the mixture is over. It tastes yummy!

  1. I dont know about little ones, but I sure do love this one. My mom too made this all the time, & its been ages since I’ve had this.

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