Veg Pizza

Most of the kids prefer pizzas, burgers, fried rice and noodles than our traditional food. Why not make a healthy pizza for them with less cheese and without burning a hole in your pocket?


Pizza base -2 (from the store)
Onion -1 chopped
Tomato -1 chopped
Green and yellow capsicums – 1\2 cup sliced
Pizza sauce – as required
Tomato sauce -as required
Mozzarella cheese -1\2 cup grated
Pepper powder -as required
Oregano -as required
Salt -as required


Heat the grill for 15 minutes. Place the pizza base on the grill rack and warm for 2 minutes. Take out and spread the pizza sauce on it. Top with half the onions, tomatoes and capsicums. Sprinkle tomato sauce, pepper powder, oregano and a pinch of salt. Finally, spread the grated cheese on top. Place it on the rack and grill for 5 minutes or until the cheese melts and starts browning. Repeat the same with the second pizza. Cut each pizza into four pieces and serve hot.

  1. Hi,like the ingredients all you have mentioned….vegetarian,Thanx for sharing the recipe…!!Want to try this some time!!

  2. I too posted a pizza recipe recently, yours looks yummy, can i take a bite!lovely blog u have ,my first time here, best wishes!

  3. looks great!

  4. Who can resist homemade pizzas, My son would love to have this!!

  5. pizza looks very tempting…thanks for dropping by my have a nice one here..

  6. This is lovely…and has veggies in it too. Nice one.

  7. Delicious looking pizza

  8. Pizza looks good, nice blog!:)

  9. A pizza anytime is always a Yes- Yes.. i feel it is one of the world’s most popular dish! urs looks yummy !!

  10. Your pizza looks so yummy n colorful, Lissie…..nice platter!

  11. Pizza looks yummmm…I want one piece 🙂

  12. Hello Lissie !! Nie toppings, for the pizza ! will definitey try these out when my hubby brings a pizza base from the market the next time ! 🙂

  13. great recipe!!!
    toppings all veggie!!!

  14. Years ago we could not find cheese in Bangalore. These days cheese is as popular as butter in Bangalore.

  15. Kids are sure crazy about pizzas and no one can stop them. very colorful pizza.

  16. I almost make pizzas this way,Lizzie..Looks colouful and yummy.My little one loves this!!:)

  17. welcome newcomers to my blog! thanks all of you for your good comments!!