Mexican Rice

This is a very tasty dish. Mexicans use lots of chillies in their recipes. I got this recipe some 15 yrs ago, when I first bought my rice cooker. A cookery expert showed us how to make Mexican rice in the rice cooker. Ever since, I used to make it often at home. You can reduce the amount of chilly powder, if you wish to do so.
Long grain/ Basmati rice -2 cups
Onions -2 chopped
Tomatoes -2 chopped
Red, green and yellow capsicums -1\4 cup each sliced
Garlic -2 minced
Chilly powder -2 tsp
Cumin powder -1\2 tsp
Veg/chicken stock cubes -1
Water -4 cups
Salt -as required
Oil -2 1\2 tbsp
Wash and drain the rice. Keep it aside. Heat oil (olive oil is the best) in a non stick pan, add garlic, onions and capsicums. Fry till onions turm pink. Add rice, tomatoes, chilly powder and cumin powder. Fry on medium flame for 5 minutes. Transfer it to the rice cooker. Add water, crushed veg/ chicken stock cubes and salt. Cook till done. Tasty Mexican rice is ready!
  1. Hi Lissie, thanks for visiting me. I see you have many yummy dishes here.I have to check all of them now!:))
    I love Mexican rice too, looks delicious there.I have one Spanish rice too at FH, check in my recipe Index with “Rice dishes”.
    Good to meet you Lissie.
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  2. Oo La-la! what a blend of mexican spices. That looks colorfully amazing snap of the rice, looks like you had a treat! where is my share?

  3. hi
    mexican rice looks wonderful. Nice pic.thanks for sharing the recipe

  4. Hey Lissie another great recipe! Love the pic I bet it was delicious, nice ingredients. 🙂

  5. Wow!Rice looks colourful and yummy, Lissie!..Your wonderful pictures and recipes pulls not only my sis…but every one!!
    Keep doing it!!:)

  6. Rice dishes are always delicious.
    The dish looks like our pulao.
    You can give the dish to me anytime.

  7. the colours in the rice are amazing! way to go 🙂

  8. The mexican rice is eye catching Lissie. So colourful. Viji

  9. thanx all of you for your good comments! Try this rice, i am sure you will love it!!

  10. nice recipe! its similar to the spanish rice we make at home, only I add sweet corn at times:)