Aval Vilayichathu – Arusuvai Friendship Chain


I received the secret ingredient for Arusuvai Friendship Chain from dear Bharathy of spicychilly. ‘Aval’ or rice flakes was the surprise ingredient that she sent me. That too the Kerala variety made with brown rice. So I had no option but to post some authentic Kerala recipe!


Aval Vilayichathu is an all time favourite of Keralites! It is made with aval, coconut and jaggery as the main ingredients. This is a very delicious snack and nutritious too! I have used the Kerala dark brown jaggery which my husband brought from Kerala. This gives a dark brown colour to the snack. I think the wait was worth it!


What you need

Aval or rice flakes – 4 cups

Jaggery – 2 cups

Grated coconut -1 cup

Cardamom powder – 1 tsp

Sesame seeds – 1 tsp

Ghee – 2 tsp


Break the jaggery into small pieces. Pour half a cup of water to it and melt it on flame. Strain it and keep aside. Put the aval in a vessel and sprinkle some water. Mix well so that the aval is just wet. Keep aside for 10 minutes. Heat ghee in a non stick pan and splutter sesame seeds. Pour the melted jaggery and add the grated coconut. Stir well for 2 minutes. Add the wet aval and cardamom powder. Mix well for 2 minutes till the aval is well coated wit the jaggery and coconut. Put off the fire. Transfer it to a serving dish. This can be stored in the refrigerator for a month. Make more of it and store. Take out the quantity you want, warm for 20 seconds in the microwave and serve.

Now I am sending the secret ingredients to my dear blogger friends Latha and Rachel.

  1. Cool blog Lissie, I did the change in my blog roll!:)
    Aval sweet looks so delicious, Arusuvai is going very well!

  2. Congrats on the move dear. I bet you must be really happy to have your own place. Aval sweet looks very delicious. You have made a very good use of it.

  3. Great recipe I love your blogs new look its fantastic. 🙂

  4. Nice recipe with the surprise aval lissie! I am eagerly waiting for my packet! 🙂 How thrilling it can be to wait for the courier! 😀 loving the Arusuvai! Really bringing out the flavours of life! 🙂

  5. My husband just loves this so much and since I don’t make it very often (i prefer savoury preparations), when my MIL was here, she made it so often for him. Made him very happy.
    Looks really good.

  6. lovely recipe with the surpise ingredient! 🙂

    Awaiting my ingredient! 😀

    great looking space here

  7. The new org site looks absolutely gorgeous!!!,,It is lovvvvely to see my ingredient in this brand new place 😀

    I am a lover of red-aval..nutritous and light and has that traditional Kerala touch!..
    Thnks for coming out with the best of the recipe from my surprise ing..(I had wanted this recipe soooo badly from you)Tight Hugs.

    Rachel and Lathamma would surely get to inform you as soon as they receive.Lets see waht you had in store for them!! 🙄

  8. Love this Lissie. Congrats on your own domain. Love all your posts.

  9. Oh my, Lovely site u have Lissie and thanks for dropping by my blog which lead to urs.. First I thought u are some american or international blogger.. to my surprise u turned out to be Indian.. 😆 Subscribed to ur blog..will visit again dear!

    take care and cya.:)

    ~ Siri 🙂

  10. This is such a wonderful friendship connection.

    Love the look of your blog.

  11. Hey i would have not known if u hadn’t send me the link of the new blog.
    Looks good i mean the new blog.
    The aval looks delicious.I love aval velayichathu.

  12. thanks asha, jeena, rina and cynthia for your lovely comments!
    laavanya, make it for your hubby and slowly you will also start loving it :))

  13. thank you latha for starting the Arusuvai Friendship Chain! loved to be part of it… 😀
    rachel and latha, by this time you both might have received the secret ingredients!!!
    thanks a lot bharathy, for having encouraged me so much to take part in the event!!! :))

  14. thank you happy cook for being such a good friend!

  15. nice recipe with the surprise ingredient.

  16. Just came across your blog while checking out Arusuvai. Aval vilayichathu is not one of my favourites but my husband and daughter just love it.

  17. hmm.. bookmarked

  18. Thankyou very much for posting this recipe. I was just thinking about my mom’s aval vilayichathu and how much I miss it! how long will kerala jaggery keep? I have some from maybe a year back and I dont see anything wrong with it..Would you know how can I make sure it has not gone bad?I don’t particularly like the light brown northi style jaggery we get in indian stores in US.The kerala ones are so tasty…

  19. Hi Rose,

    I always keep the jaggery in a plastic cover and store it in the freezer. It will stay for a long long time. But if it is kept at room temp,see whether there is any fungus or worms or insects on it. If it is still dry and look fresh, then melt it. Strain and taste before using.

    Please try the recipes and let me know.

    Happy cooking,