International Dishes

Garlic Babycorn & Fantastic Four Meme

This is a very tasty chinese dish. It can be served as a side dish with noodles, fried rice or pulao. Or it can also be served as a snack for parties! I have garnished it with home-grown spring onions. Ingredients: Babycorn -200 gm Onion -1 chopped

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Easy Chilli Chicken

This is an Indo – Chinese recipe that I often make at home. It is my daughter’s favourite chicken dish. No frying is required in its preparation. But it is very tasty! Ingredients: Chicken -1 kg Onion -1 large, chopped Green chillies -5 slit Ginger – garlic

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Veg Pizza

Most of the kids prefer pizzas, burgers, fried rice and noodles than our traditional food. Why not make a healthy pizza for them with less cheese and without burning a hole in your pocket? Ingredients: Pizza base -2 (from the store)Onion -1 choppedTomato -1 choppedGreen and yellow

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Mexican Rice

This is a very tasty dish. Mexicans use lots of chillies in their recipes. I got this recipe some 15 yrs ago, when I first bought my rice cooker. A cookery expert showed us how to make Mexican rice in the rice cooker. Ever since, I used

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Pasta with Vegetables

My children love pasta. Here is a pasta recipe which is a wholesome meal. I have used ‘Spirali’, you can use pasta of your choice. Ingredients: Pasta (Spirali) – 250 gm Onion -1 chopped Garlic paste -1 tsp Pasta sauce -3 tsp Tomato sauce -1 tsp Oregano

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French Toast

This bread toast was one of my favourites during childhood. My mother used to make it often. She used to call it Bombay Toast. It still is an all time favourite breakfast of my family! Hope your little ones will love it too. What you need: One

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