Easy Chilli Chicken

This is an Indo – Chinese recipe that I often make at home. It is my daughter’s favourite chicken dish. No frying is required in its preparation. But it is very tasty!
Chicken -1 kg
Onion -1 large, chopped
Green chillies -5 slit
Ginger – garlic paste -2 tsp
Chilli powder -1 tsp
Turmeric powder -1\4 tsp
Vinegar -3 tsp
Water -1 cup
Salt -to taste
Orange red color -1\8 tsp
Soya sauce -2 tbsp
Sugar -1\2 tsp
Oil -2 tbsp
Coriander leaves -1 tbsp chopped
Wash and cut the chicken into small pieces. Mix it with turmeric powder, chilli powder, vineger, orange red color and salt. Keep aside for half an hour. Transfer the chicken to a pan, pour 1 cup of water and cook covered till done. Open the lid and evaporate excess water. Heat oil in a non stick pan and add ginger- garlic paste. Fry for a few seconds on low flame. Add onions and green chillies. Fry till the onions turn pink. Add soya sauce and sugar. Stir and add the cooked chicken pieces. Fry for 5 minutes and put off the fire. Garnish with coriander leaves. Goes well with rice, chapathis, pulao, fried rice or noodles.
  1. Hey Lissie!!
    Easy and simple!! You are talking now!!
    I love to make simple dishes as i don’t have enough time to dish up soemthing coming from work and noel usually sleeps by 7:30 so these simple recipes are so handy u know!!

  2. Lissie, i love your chillie chicken. They looks super. Yummy

  3. Looks so simple n easy..Thanks for sharing this Lissie

  4. All of us love chilli chicken, looks delicious!:)
    Fixed the playa!!;D

  5. Lissie that chillie chicken rocks dear!….what a great photo!

  6. I’m suprised that it is not deep-fried, ‘coz it looks like that. Nice recipe and picture.

  7. i loved this recipe for 1 i love indo-shinese dishes 2 No deep frying required.

  8. yummm chilli chicken with our kerala porotaa hmmm…ayoooo vayeil vellamvarunuuu lissie…i didt think its soo easy…lovely color….

  9. Chilli chicken looks delicious!

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    thanks padma, kribha and remya for your kind words!
    pooja v and neelam, welcome to my blog!

  11. I too can try this with potato or may be cauliflower…Thanx for the recipe..:))!!

  12. wow….I will pass this on to my husband….I don’t eat nonveg 🙁
    Looks simple and easy to make and delicious too 🙂

  13. looks delicious. simple and easy recipe:)

  14. raks, you can definitely try it with potatoes or cauliflower. thankx for visiting!
    sirisha, your hubby will surely love this. thanks!
    thank you prajusha for the good comments!

  15. I liked ur recipe.I have a handed down chilly chicken recipe(really yummy) but it fried. & I loved that yours is not fried. Maybe should try it soon. trying to be healthy in life