Pepper Chicken


Chicken – 1 kg cut into small pieces

Onions – 2 sliced

Ginger – 2″ piece chopped

Garlic – 4 chopped

Green chillies – 4 slit

Curry leaves – 2 sprigs

Turmeric powder – 1 tsp

Garam masala – 1 tsp

Pepper powder – 2 tsp

Vinegar – 2 tbsp

Water – 1 cup

Salt – to taste

Oil – 2 tbsp


Heat oil in a pan and add onions, ginger, garlic, green chillies and curry leaves.  Fry till the onions turn golden brown.  Add turmeric powder and garam masala. Then add the chicken pieces, vinegar, salt and water.  Mix well and cook covered till done.  Open the lid and add pepper powder.  Mix well and simmer for another 2 minutes till the gravy is thick.  Lip-smacking ‘Pepper Chicken’ is ready to be served!

This quick and easy ‘Pepper Chicken’ goes well with rice, chapathi, bread, appam or idiyappam.  Enjoy!


My friend Sarah has passed on this beautiful award.  Thanks a lot dear for remembering me!

I would like to share this award with Asha, Cynthia, Finla, Priya, Padma and Raks.

  1. Thanks so much Lissie, enjoy your award too. Hugs. Pepper Chicken looks so delicious, like the thick sauce clinging to it.Will try! :))

  2. Slurpppp!!am hungry now..

  3. I have so many recipes in bookmark from your place, i will include this one too. Looks indeed lipsmacking delicous.
    Congragts on the wonderful award and thankyou for passing them to me also.

  4. Thank you Lisse for a really beautiful award 🙂 I am honored 🙂

  5. Pepper chicken looks nice spicy and yummy Lissie. Congrats on your award and thank you for sharing it wiht me 🙂

  6. This looks so yummy and congrats on ur award

  7. Lissie darling, I thank you two fold for that amazing award and for the pepper chicken. You are the best!

  8. Lissie you recipes are always so tasty, I would eat every single dish that you cook, gorgeous pepper chicken!

  9. Wow!!!! Superb….i m drooling..
    Btw r u doing??