Date Pickle


My family loves Dates, especially my husband! When I was in Dubai last Summer, my friend Celine used to bring me fresh ripe Dates from her workplace. The fresh ones are juicy and they taste really great! It is Dates Season during Summer in the Middle East. I always make sure to bring lots of Dates from Dubai when I come back to India.

Pickling is a good way of preserving Dates before they become too dry. Date Pickle is very easy to prepare and tastes so good. It can be served with Biriyani, Pulao, Rice or Parathas.

I am sending this to AFAM – Dates being hosted by Chandrika of akshayapatra.

What you need

Seedless Dates – 500 gms

Ginger-garlic paste – 4 tbsp

Chilli powder – 5 tbsp

Turmeric powder – 1/4 tsp

Salt – 5 tsp

Sugar – 3 tbsp

Vinegar – 1/2 cup

Water – 1/2 cup

Oil – 5 tbsp



Cut each date into 4 pieces. Heat oil in a pan and add the ginger-garlic paste. Fry on a low flame till the aroma comes out. Add chilli powder and turmeric powder. Stir and add vinegar, water, sugar and salt. When it starts boiling, add the chopped Dates. Simmer till the gravy is thick and it coats well on the Dates. Put off the fire. Cool and transfer it to a glass jar. This pickle can be served immediately. Store in the refrigerator. It has a long shelf life. Enjoy!

  1. Wow, awesome idea to preserve Dates as a pickle 😀 Love the sweet and savory taste!
    Nice Entry 😯

    ~ Siri

  2. i adore dates. i am so trying this one. i guess this can also be ground up into a chutney (with reduced salt).

  3. Yummy pickle Lissie;very nice idea and entry!!

  4. Yummy,Nice idea and entry for the event Lissie 🙂

  5. Date pickle! Sounds like a great idea Lissie.

  6. Thank you siri, raji and laavanya for visiting!
    thanks bee for the good comment! yes, date chutney is yet another great dish!!!

  7. Date pickles, that i have never ever tasted.
    Must be really good

  8. Pickle using dates? Now, that’s something I got to try out. Thanks for sharing it.

  9. date pickles are simple awesome… 😀 grt wid briyani…brillant way to perserve it lissie…. 😉

  10. I’ve never tasted fresh dates, I can just imagine how good they are.

  11. I am not fond of dates at all..but surprisinglylove it when it is pickled.

  12. Iam sure the pickle will taste great…what with the sweetness of the dates and the spiciness of the chilli pwdr

  13. A new concept to pickle dates!! Looks great!

  14. I love your idea, n I am sure the pickle tastes great. It sure looks gorgeous!

  15. i’m not at all fond of dates.v’ve a lot of dates in our home.i think sooo dis is ofcourse a gud way 2 use them.thanks,lissie.

  16. I m in Dubai.. I got lots of dates but it s not ripen..can i use it to prepare pickles.If no Can anyone suggest the way to use it for any other receipe

  17. i love it wow………….