Lime Pickle

This is a Kerala Style Lime Pickle. Lime Pickle is often served with rice and curries in Malayalee homes. There are different versions of Lime Pickle. This is my style of making it.

Lovely Zlamushka of burntmouth is hosting the event a spoonful of Christmas. For the event, she wants food to be send as a Christmas Gift to someone you love. I thought of sending this Lime Pickle to my sweet little sister who lives in Dubai.

Limes -16
Water -4 cups
Pickle masala powder -4 tbsp
Vinegar -1\2 cup
Ginger -3 tbsp chopped
Garlic -3 tbsp chopped
Green chillies -5 chopped
Curry leaves -3 srigs
Salt -2 tbsp or to taste
Gingelly oil -4 tbsp


Boil the water in a large vessel. Put off the fire and add the limes to it. Keep them immersed in hot water for 15 minutes. Drain and wipe dry. Cut each lime into 8 pieces. Heat oil in a kadai and add ginger, garlic, green chillies and curry leaves. Fry till the garlic turns light brown. Add the pickle powder, salt and vinegar. Stir and immediately put off the fire. Add lime pieces and mix well. Cool to room temperature. Transfer the pickle to sterilized jars. Let it stand for 2 or 3 weeks before using. If there is no oil on top, turn the jar sideways so that the oil coats the lime pieces on top. Do this every two days. Refrigerate the pickle after opening since no preservative is added to it.

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