Kerala Non Veg

Kerala Chicken Fry

My family loves chicken fry. If it is fried chicken, it will vanish within no time! This authentic Kerala recipe has very less ingredients and is easy to prepare. You can smear the masala on the chicken pieces and even refrigerate them. Take out and fry them

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Mathi Curry With Mangoes

This is a typical Central Kerala style fish curry in which mangoes are used instead of ‘kudampuli’. Sardines belong to the ‘oily fish’ category. They are rich in Omega -3 fatty acids, which lowers the bad cholestrol level in the blood. So, eating Sardines are good for

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Kerala Fish Fry

Every non-vegetarian should try this authentic Kerala recipe! The ginger, garlic and curry leaves gives it a very unique aroma! In the original recipe; ginger, garlic and the spices are ground to a fine paste along with salt and lime juice. It is then mixed with curry

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Kerala Fish Curry

This is a typical Kerala style fish curry. I have made it using Pomfret, but any type of fish will do. We like hot fish curry. You can reduce the amount of chilly powder if you want it milder. Kudampuli or Kokum is used in the central

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Crab Masala

My husband loves seafood, especially crab. Here in Bangalore, we get the salt water variety. It is reddish in color. In our home town we used to buy the fresh water variety which is green in color. Both are tasty even though I prefer the green ones.

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